Cusco Taxi to City Tour, Four Ruins

This it is an interesting tour that permits us to know the archaeological Group of Saqsayhuaman complex, an important Inka period, located in the high part of Cusco, where can be appreciated impressive walls of rocks elegantly carved from 90 to 125 tons of weight each one, In the outskirts a statue of Christ is located of approximately 25 called meters “The White Christ ” that was a gift of the Arab Palestinians to Cusco. From there we have a spectacular view of all the city of the Cusco. Qenqo, considered one of the most important pre-colombian tombs in the Inka culture. Pucapukara respected as Center of caution or place of social control. Tambomachay respected as place of worship to the water.

This ride taxi follows the following places to visit such as:

    • Saqsayhuaman
    • White Christ
    • Qenqo
    • Pukapukara
    • Tambomachay


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